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Support Services


Training & Organizational Design

The on-the-job training of our client’s employees is an ongoing responsibility for Novaltek. Currently Novaltek does not offer stand-alone training services. As part of design or machinery assembly services we will train our client’s appropriate technical staff on the new production lines and technologies. We will also assist in searching for and recruiting new staff with the right technical qualifications. Novaltek also helps its clients to establish corporate R&D processes that will result in new product development.  


Fundraising Assistance

Novaltek provides services such as creating sales projections, company valuations and industry expert analysis in backing investment returns. Moreover, we also help our clients by establishing R&D based projects in order to apply for TTGV or TİDEB grants and loans and/or for IFC credits which are low interest medium term loans.


 Assistance in Building New Customer and Supplier Portfolios

Novaltek will also assist its clients in reaching new customers by taking advantage of its international relationships. We will also help build the client organization to build up and improve relationships with raw material suppliers.




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