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Technology Decisions

Are you able to keep up with the fast changing technologies that could revolutionize your business? Let Novaltek do the hard work! This phase that can be run in parallel with
'Investment and Project Management' module and can last between 3 and 6 months depending on client requirements.

Novaltek will follow a thorough and vigorous technology and vendor selection process on behalf of its client. Our process has been used and tested in many projects before and its robustness has been proved. As our client you can follow the various steps and get as involved as you like in the process. This way we ensure that you feel confident the process has been fair.

Key Decision Steps Used During Technology Selection

After our team identifies the current and most advantageous technologies for our client’s capacity and performance requirements, potential vendors which can provide these technologies are also identified 

Request proposals from national and international vendors based on the technology specifications determined

Our expert team evaluates the proposals based on criteria determined jointly by the  “Project Executive Board” and holds detailed meetings with short-listed vendors

Based on the evaluations and discussions with vendors, our team decides the mix of national and international components of the machinery and equipment

Final recommendations on technology, vendor selection and investment strategy are presented to senior management team

After the decision is finalized, the contracts with selected vendors are prepared or reviewed


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